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What Is A Repeater Or Repeater System?

A repeater or repeater system consists of a radio receiver, a transmitter, and some form of control device (usually computerized) that receives radio transmissions from one source and then simultaneously re-transmits (REPEATS) the signal to other locations. Example: If a person were transmitting a message via radio using a handheld or mobile radio, to another person using the same equipment, the range of reception could reliably be approximately five (5) miles provided the signal was not blocked by an obstacle (tall buildings, hills, etc.). By having a repeater station that is located usually at a high elevation (tall building, mountain top, etc.) this reliable distance can be increased to fifty (50) miles or even more.

Here you can see that the two stations would not be able to talk to each other due to interference from the high terrain. By using the repeater system on top of the mountain, they can communicate dependably and at greater distances.

CVRA Analog (Voice) Repeaters

The CVRA has many repeaters currently in operation throughout central Virginia.

Albemarle County 146.730 mHz, - Offset, 151.4 Tone, K4DND
Albemarle County 442.075 mHz, + Offset, 151.4 Tone, KF4UCI
Augusta County 444.775 mHz, + Offset, 151.4 Tone, KF4UCI
Buckingham County 146.790 mHz, - Offset, 110.9 Tone, WW4GW
Buckingham County 224.400 mHz, - Offset, 110.9 Tone, WR4CV
Buckingham County 444.950 mHz, + Offset, 110.9 Tone, WW4GW
Town of Farmville 146.955 mHz, - Offset, 136.5 Tone, WR4CV
Town of Farmville 443.300 mHz, + Offset, 136.5 Tone, WR4CV
Highland County 147.180 mHz, + Offset, 100.0 Tone, WD4ITN
Rockbridge County 53.01 mHz, - Offset, No Tone, W4ROC
Rockbridge County 147.330 mHz, + Offset, No Tone, W4ROC
Rockbridge County 444.150 mHz, + Offset, No Tone, W4ROC

All our repeater sites have the capability of being linked together through our main "Hub". This linking capability provides any station at any site a communications path to any other site in the system, and to the Virginia Department Of Emergency Management (VDEM) in Richmond.

Soon to be "On The Network ":
Fluvanna And Greene Counties,
And Apple Orchard Mountain!

CVRA Digital (computer data) Repeaters

Albemarle County KJ4RPW APRS
Albemarle County N4PGS Packet Node (BUCKNODE)
Buckingham County WW4GW APRS
Highland County KJ4RPW APRS
Rockbridge County WR4CV Packet Node (ROCKNODE)
Rockbridge County WW4GW APRS


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